Everbuild HH0119102380 1 Litre D4 Wood Adhesive (TWIN PACK)

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D4 Wood Adhesive is a solvent free industrial grade D4 wood adhesive based on the latest hybrid resin technology. D4 Wood Adhesive provides the user with a waterproof D4 grade wood adhesive with none of the safety issues associated with conventional isocyanate containing (polyurethane) D4 grades. D4 Wood Adhesive can be used internally and externally and gives a high strength, water, impact and temperature resistant bond that is usually stronger than the wood itself. Ideal for all general woodworking and joinery uses, assembly line work, RF/HF cure systems, wood on wood laminating, furniture assembly and household DIY use. Dries clear. Easy water cleanup. Conforms to the international standards EN 204 (D4) and WATT 91. Independent test certification is available on request.

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent rate ofbond strength development.
  • D4 water resistance, suitable for constant water immersion.
  • Interior/exterior use.
  • Low timber staining characteristics.
  • Water based environmentally friendly/easy clean up.
  • Suitable for radio frequency cure.


Technical Specification:

Total Solids (%) - 40 –48%
Viscosity @ 23°C 
Brookfield RTV 5/20
Poise - 50–60
mPa.s - 5000-6000
pH - ca. 3.5
Chalk point(°C) - Approx 8
Coverage - 150-180g/m(assembly gluing)
Open Time - 8 – 9 mins @ 20° and 150g/m
High Temperature Stability (1 week @ 50°C) - Stable
Specific Gravity - 1.07 (dispersion)

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