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If you have any issues with any products from Powertoolmate please contact us as soon as possible. We will do our utmost to resolve the issue. Please see below for the manufacturers warranty information:



DEWALT is confident of the quality of its products and offers an outstanding guarantee for professional users of the product. This guarantee statement is in addition to and in no way prejudices your contractual rights as a professional user or your statutory rights as a private non-professional user. The guarantee is valid within the territories of the Member States of the European Union and the European Free Trade Area.

Subject to the DEWALT European PPT Guarantee terms and conditions available from your local DEWALT office, seller or at if your DEWALT product becomes defective due to faulty materials or workmanship within 12 months from the date of purchase, DEWALT may replace all defective parts free of charge, or at our discretion, replace the unit free of charge.

DEWALT reserves the right to refuse any claim under this guarantee which in the opinion of the authorised repair agent is not in accordance with the stated DEWALT European Guarantee terms and conditions.

If you wish to make a claim, contact your seller or check the location of your nearest authorised DEWALT repair agent online, in the DEWALT catalogue or contact your DEWALT office at the address indicated in the instruction manual.

A list of authorised DEWALT repair agents and full details of our after-sales service is available on the Internet at:


The DEWALT European PT Guarantee for your product may be extended from 1 year to 3 years from the date of purchase subject to the following terms and conditions.


The product is registered by the original DEWALT Product user within 4 Weeks of Purchase at (DEWALT Product user contact details, tool catalogue number, serial number and date code required).

Kits comprising a range of tools are excluded from registration, individual tools from kits must be registered.


2.1 The DEWALT European PT 3 Year Guarantee is available to the original DEWALT product user who has purchased the DEWALT products from an authorised DEWALT European reseller for use in the course of their trade or profession. The DEWALT European PT Guarantee is not available to persons purchasing DEWALT product for the purpose of resale or Hire.

2.2 This guarantee is not transferrable. It is only available to the original DEWALT product user who has purchased and registered the product as identified above.

2.3 In addition to the terms and conditions outlined in this document, the terms and conditions stated in the DEWALT European PT Guarantee also apply.

2.4 A product repair or replacement under this guarantee does not extend or renew the guarantee period. The 3 year guarantee period starts from the original purchase date and ends 36 months later.

2.5 By registering the product under the DEWALT European PT 3 year guarantee the DEWALT product user accepts the terms and conditions specified above and that the product is excluded from the DEWALT 30-1-1 policy withdrawn 01-01-2016.


In addition to the product exclusions stated in the DEWALT European PT Guarantee, section 3, the following DEWALT branded products are also excluded

Fastening Tools e.g. Nailers, Powder Impact tools.

Batteries and Chargers

Rebuilt or Reconditioned products identified with additional markings – “Factory rework” and/or “Q”.


4.1 To make a guarantee claim contact your seller or check the location of your nearest DEWALT authorised DEWALT repair agent at

4.2 The DEWALT Tool must be returned to the seller or an authorised DEWALT repair agent with all parts complete, with the original proof of purchase and a valid DEWALT European 3 year guarantee certificate.

4.3 DEWALT reserves the right to refuse any claim under this guarantee which in the opinion of the authorised repair agent is not due to material or manufacturing defect or in accordance with the stated DEWALT European PT Guarantee terms and conditions.


5.1 DEWALT reserves the right to review and amend its guarantee policies, periods and product eligibility without notice as DEWALT considers appropriate.

5.2 Current DEWALT European PT Guarantee Terms and Conditions are available from

 your local DEWALT seller or DEWALT office.


DEWALT has granted the following products to be manufactured and sold under license with the stated warranties, under the same terms and conditions as the 1 year warranty on DEWALT POWER TOOLS, but over the stated period for each licensee.

Ladders 5 years warranty, Wheeled Trollies 5 years warranty, Electric wet and dry vacuums 3 years warranty, Petrol Generators 1 years warranty, Electric and Petrol Pressure Washers 1 years warranty, 2 Way Radios 1 years warranty, Clothing and Footwear 6 months warranty.



It is required for the customer to register the tool within 30 days after date of purchase, to get the 3 years extended warranty. The date code is required, to ensure that the correct tool has been registered when originally purchased. With the registration, a certificate is provided, which must match with the serial number on the rating plate. For all Warranty claims, the Type of tool, the Serial number and the Date code must be identified.


The warranty covers all defects of the product during the warranty period, due to faults in workmanship or material at the purchase date. The warranty is limited to repair and/or replacement and does not include any other obligations including, but not limited to, incidental or consequential damages. The warranty is not valid if the product has been misused, used contrary to the instruction manual, or has been incorrectly connected to a power supply.

This warranty does not apply to:

  • Any damage to the product that is the result of improper or lack of maintenance
  • Any product that has been altered or modified
  • Any product where original identification (trademark, serial number) markings have been defaced, altered or removed
  • Any damage caused by non-observance of the instruction manual
  • Any product not displaying the CE approval mark on the rating plate
  • Any product which has been attempted to be repaired by non-authorised service station or without prior authorisation by Techtronic Industries
  • Any product connected to an improper power supply (amps, voltage, frequency)
  • Any damage caused by external influences (water, chemical, physical, shocks) or foreign substances
  • Normal wear and tear spare parts
  • Inappropriate use, overloading of the tool
  • Use of non-approved accessories or parts
  • Accessories provided with the tool or purchased separately. Including but not limited to: screwdriver bits, drill bits, abrasive discs, sand paper, blades and lateral guide, blades, saw chains, cutting lines.
  • Components (parts and accessories) subject to natural and normal wear and tear, including but not limited to: Service & Maintenance Kits, carbon brushes, bearings, chuck, SDS drill bit attachment or reception, power cord, auxiliary handle, transport carry case, sanding plate, dust bag, dust exhaust tube, impact wrench pins & springs, drive belts, felt washers, hitch pins, vacuum bag , hoses, connector fittings, wheels, fix-tech adaptors, bump knobs, drive belts, clutches, blades of brush cutters, hedge trimmers or lawn mowers, harnesses, cable throttle, tines, felt washers, hitch pins, blower fans, blower and vacuum tubes or nozzles, blower vacuum bags and straps, guide bars, saw chains, hoses, connector fittings, spray nozzles, wheels, spray wands, inner reels, outer spools, cutting lines, vacuum mulching blades, etc.

For full Warranty Guidelines please click here.

The fastest and most convenient way for you to arrange a warranty repair for your product is to use the Milwaukee E-Service. To find out more click here.



Every Makita product is thoroughly inspected before they leave the factory and can be guaranteed to be free of defects, in both workmanship and materials, for a period of one year beginning the date of the products original purchase.

If after 30 days, please visit this link to arrange your warranty:


This guarantee does not apply where:

- Repairs have been made or attempted by others
- Repairs are required because of normal wear and tear
- The tool has been abused, misused or improperly maintained
- Alterations have been made to the tool

This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.


The warranty period of your Makita tool may be extended to an additional 2 years subject to the following conditions:

- Makita Tools that are CE marked and (with the exceptions of Batteries, Battery Chargers, Accessories, Petrol Powered Products, Production Tools, Air Tools and Compressors) purchased on or after 1st July 2012

- The tool is registered by the user within 30 days of purchase

To register your Makita tool click here. You will need to login or create an account if you haven't already.