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Milwaukee MX FUEL Range - What’s It All About?
The Powertoolmate Blog
16 Jul 2021

Milwaukee MX FUEL Range - What’s It All About?

At first glance, the new MX FUEL range by Milwaukee seems like just another money-making upgrade. But we have come to know the brand better than that.

Milwaukee has a reputation built on over 100 years of manufacturing powerful, efficient and innovative power tools. It seems almost every year they develop a new technology that is always one step ahead of the competition. Their most recent technological advancement is the MX FUEL range, a line of batteries designed for light equipment, a line of tools historically dominated by petrol and corded devices. 

Milwaukee already found success in their M12 line of batteries, a line designed to replace hand tools. They found even more success in their M18 line, pushing the boundaries of what an 18v battery is capable of doing. The MX line is not a replacement for the M18, as we are sure Milwaukee will keep pushing boundaries with that line. Instead, the MX is a different way for the brand to showcase its ability to redefine what a cordless power tool is capable of achieving.

What Are You Getting with the MX FUEL Range?

What you’re getting from the Milwaukee MX FUEL range are, essentially, better and bigger batteries. But that is the technical aspects of the range; what you’re really getting from the range is a list of benefits, from saving the environment to being twice as productive.

The Batteries

The MX range comes with two types of batteries; the compact CP Battery pack and the larger XP Battery pack; both are unsurprisingly bigger than anything Milwaukee has done in the past regarding their cordless power tool. Both operate at 72V. 

But Milwaukee claims it isn’t all about the voltage. They believe that they can get more power out of their batteries than any other brand, and they have proven that with their M18 range of batteries.

Furthermore, these batteries are REDLITHIUM, an industry leader in lithium-ion technology, designed to protect against drops, water, and harsh environments and will continue to give you high-performance time after time.

The Tools

Milwaukee has started with a limited range of power tools, but this is likely to expand as we have come to expect. So for now, we have to settle with five light equipment tools, all of which are excellent substitutes for their corded or petrol-powered counterparts.



This is the industry’s first cordless 28mm hex demolition hammer, and it gives you the same amount of power as most petrol, corded or pneumatic hammers.  It can break up 2 tonnes of concrete or a 12m x 20cm x 30cm trench in one single charge. It has plenty of features and technology, allowing you to work safely and comfortably. It also has a service light reminding you to oil up your machine every 40 hours of use.



Another world first, the large sewer drum machine is the first to use “MILWAUKEE® 16 mm, and 20 mm inner core spirals in drains from 75 mm up to 200 mm, with the power to clear roots up to 60 m down the line”, and the integrated POWERTREDZ help one person move the machine in and out of vans, upstairs, etc. 



This core drill comes with everything you want and more. Not only does it come with all of Milwaukee’s industry-leading technology, but you also get two different speeds, a patented AUTOSTOP clutch, an onboard level sensor and a battery charge indicator. 

The 1 ¼″UNC + ½″G core fitting will fit most cores, and the friction plate makes it easy to change cores too. The battery lasts up to 5 x 150mm holes in solid concrete or 15 x 150mm holes in hollow brick.



The MX tower light is a must-have on any site that works in the dark. The kit weighs 48kg but has all-terrain wheels built-in, so it’s easy to manoeuvre. It also has fully adjustable light-heads so that you can illuminate any area with 27,000 lumens in AC and 20,000 in DC. 

Furthermore, the mast is motorised, so extending it to its full 3.10m takes just a few seconds. It will also work in harsh weather, as it can withstand winds of up to 55mh/h.

A remarkable feature of this light is that you can use the ONE-KEY app to set the run time, and it will adjust the power to make sure you have light during the whole job.



Milwaukee is proving its innovator status in the power tool industry with yet another world first. This first-of-its-kind 350mm cordless cut off saw produces as much power as its petrol counterparts, reaching a no-load speed of 5370rpm and saves half the time from start to finish. Because it’s battery-powered, it also produces less vibration and noise, making it safer to use.

You can half up to 22 breeze blocks with a full charge, or 4.3m in concrete at a depth of 125mm.

What are the Benefits?

There are several benefits from using the MX FUEL tools rather than their petrol, corded, or pneumatic counterparts. 

The main benefit is productivity, as using these tools reduces the time it takes to get the job done. For example, if you use a petrol cut saw, you need to mix the fuel; you eliminate this time by using batteries. If you use a corded machine, you lose time finding a socket or extension cable and then switching sockets if you need to move the tool; again, you eliminate this time by using battery-powered tools. 

The other main benefit is that they are safer and healthier to use. These tools produce less vibration, less noise, and don’t expel harmful gases as a petrol machine does. Furthermore, if you’re working all day using a petrol cut-saw, you will have to start the engine ten or more times, which eventually will cause strain on your arm. With the MX Cut-off Saw, you’re ready to go at the push of a button.

Other benefits are that this range is more environmentally friendly, requires less maintenance, and doesn’t require fuel, saving money.

Written by Matt Powertoolmate

Matt is our in house content creator. He has a flair for the dramatic and a passion for delivering engaging and informative content for you all to enjoy.


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